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What Editing My Closet Taught Me About Shopping for Clothes

I went through my closet today . . .

again . . .

for the 4th time . . .

in 5 months.

I’m finding that this “minimalism thing” has been an ongoing thing. I sort of started editing my stuff when I moved into my new house about 3 years ago! Did you hear that? Three years ago! I don’t know if it’s like this for everyone else but it has been for me. Each time I go through my closet I am more and more aware of what I actually want to keep, what I actually wear. Each time I am more cognizant of my actual needs when it comes to clothes.

Ironically, this continuous editing of my closet also helps me with my shopping for my clothes.

I used to go to the store, grab 20 things that I kinda like, and try them on. If they fit me, I buy it. Now, I am much more mindful:

  • I don’t go clothes shopping unless I REALLY need to

This is the BEST tip I have! You can’t buy if you don’t go shopping.

  • I only try on things I love

  • I only buy it if I feel amazing in it!

So far this list is probably something you already know but here are some other tips:

  • I feel disappointed in myself when I get rid of something I paid for and almost never wore so to avoid the disappointment I don’t want to buy something I'm not 100% certain I’ll wear

  • I colour coded my closet and found out that I like to wear neutral colours – black, white, grey, and blue (not necessarily neutral I know). This is because it goes with more and I feel more comfortable. Now when I look for clothes, I look at these colours.

  • I realize that no matter how many articles of clothes in my closet, I only wear about 5 pairs of pants and 10 shirts. I ONLY need these items in my closet, not more.

  • I like to go alone. I find that other people will try to convince you to buy something even if you don’t feel 100% in it.

  • Know what you are looking for and only look for that thing – i.e. if you need a black pair of pants, head to the pants section and look for the black ones.

  • Treat the store like your own personal closet. It can stay there until you need it (one of my favourite tips from Goodbye, Things).

  • Don't buy something on sale, buy it full price, that way you know you are buying because you love it not just because it's on sale (one of my favourite tips from The Minimalists)

The best strategy by far is to wear what you have and love but occasionally you do need to buy clothes. Hope these tips help!


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