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My Story

On paper, my life was beautiful. I had it all including 2 beautiful healthy children, a loving husband, a great job, a gorgeous house, I travelled, I had friends & family who loved & surrounded me. Yet, I still felt like I was in the worst spot of my life. I kept telling myself, no one loved me, no one cared. I felt confined and constricted. I kept telling myself it was everyone else who was making my life miserable.  I'd dread every morning and look forward to every evening. Sleep was my escape. 

A friend saw what I was going through and stopped me in my tracks. Her mentoring brought me back to life. She showed me that I was responsible for my life and my happiness.  This was the most powerful lesson I've ever learned and I am thankful each and every day that I took it to heart.  It was a long journey, with many books, lessons, and meditations, but I feel like I've made it to the other side. Not just made it to the other side but my life is so much better than it ever was! I feel like I've been given the secret to life and I want to share it! I want to shout out to the roof tops that YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIVE A SO-SO LIFE! It's a journey to get to the top but one that is worth it.  

I will still continue to work on loving myself, and I know no one is perfect, not even the 'experts.' This thing called life is a learning experience but it's how you approach the learning that makes all the difference!

I am  Tamara

Learning, Loving, & Living Life

I'm a mom of 2 sweet little children, that's how I most often define myself. Next, I am a teacher. I have my Master's Degrees in Education and am passionate about learning. But I'm more that that, I'm someone who is learning that loving myself is the secret to life. Love is a powerful tool that transformed my marriage, my parenting, my home, my whole life. I feel like my truth is I NEED to share the life changing lessons learned so that no one ever has to share my story. 

I also love to travel. The desert in Arizona is my happy place. My other happy place is swimming. I often joke that I was a fish or mermaid in my past life. I can lose myself for hours creating on my iPad either drawing or planning. I garden barefoot and love spending time with my family and friends. Connections with people are what I feel makes the world go round. Relationships & love is the meaning of life. 

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