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Pay Someone To Clean Your House

I always tend to try to define and then do, this time around, I want to do then define. Instead of fitting into a box, maybe this time I can make the box fit around me? I'd like to blog about my life as more of a journal. Maybe it'll be cathartic, maybe it'll improve my writing, maybe someone one will read it but if not, that's ok too!

I just cleaned my house. While I was cleaning I told my kids that they need to make enough money so they can pay someone to clean their house. It made me stop and think - why don't I have someone to clean for me? I think that it's something I'm going to have to look into. By the way! If you want to get the pink ring out of your toilets - the blue lysol toilet cleaner works best. I don't get paid if you click this link but I might try it out. Have you done that?

Lately I've been thinking of making stickers, I also tried out making some animations. It is a lot of fun. I seem to get caught in the "how" of things and never do them. I keep wondering how am I going to get the stickers printed, how will I sell them, how will I pay for them. blah blah blah! So much to think about and nothing ever gets done! Does that ever happen to you?

❤️ TW


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