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No Sugah, Honey!

So, for my New Years resolution, I decided to quit sugar for a month. I know, really crazy (no one ever told you I was normal). Let me tell you why . . . (whether you want to hear it or not)

  1. I was addicted - When I say addicted, I mean it was my drug of choice!

  2. It made me feel horrible - full disclosure: IBS here! That & sugar don't mix

  3. It's not good for you - apparently, sugar is the new fat.

  4. I was SO tired - the initial sugar rush didn't last long.

  5. I need to loose weight - Yay! Who doesn't? But seriously, I'm plus sized.

  6. Blood Sugar regulation - according to "sources" (my mother) it's HORRIBLE for your blood sugar.

Today is the middle of my 4 weeks without the addicting, ever so AMAZING white powder that captivates my waking thoughts (apparently) and honestly, I feel like having a BIG chocolate bar ( sad emoji ). This journey's been far from easy but I learned heaps of things about myself in the process.

  • I can do it! I'm very pleased with myself!

  • I'm not nearly as tired (or wouldn't be if my ENTIRE family didn't have a stomach bug at the moment).

  • I LOVE chocolate with a capital LOVE

  • It was hard but not as hard as I thought it'd be.

  • I was so addicted

  • withdrawals from sugar is a b%$*h and I don't want to do it again

  • I want to keep my sugar intake low

So, my journey has also given me some SOLID gold tips on how to quit sugar for a month.

Do it for YOURSELF

I did it for ME! Not one other person. If I cheated, I'd know and I can't get away from myself (I've tried, it doesn't work). I wanted to feel better! It was the most important factor doing it.

Just Do It

Nike has it right. Just do it. I decided I was going to do, so I did it. It's as simple and as difficult as that.

Incentives Help

I had my family in on a contest where each of us had their own goal. We each put money in the pot and once we were done we shared it amongst those who reached their goal. I knew there was NO WAY I was going to be giving my brother my money!


I didn't decide one day and quit cold turkey. I decided in Dec. and started in Jan. it gave me me a time to mentally prepare myself for what was coming. That being said, I didn't dwell on it too much and indulge like crazy, I just kept it in the back of my mind.

If you are a female DO NOT start right before your period

I don't know about you but this is the WORST time for me. I crave sweets like no tomorrow. I'm tired and grumpy which makes me crave them even more.

Start on a Monday

Well, start when you like but I found a beginning works for me. I'd planned in December that I was going to start in January. I started Monday Jan 8th because that was the first Monday after my last Christmas party. The on the Sunday before I had some chocolates and a piece of cake.

Get Rid of the Sugar

I was lucky, well maybe, it turned out to be lucky. I had pantry moths (if you don't know what they are, thank your lucky stars!) and mice all at the same time. We had to get rid of anything that could have larvae in it and anything that a mouse could eat. That effectively took care of all my sugar products (including some mouse chewed chocolate truffles). Anything I had left or in the fridge, it was gone from my house.

Eat Healthy Fats

I replaced my sugar with nuts, eggs, and avocados. I boiled eggs every week and each time I had a craving for sugar I'd grab an egg or nuts as a snack. My hair is SO silky now (It still looks like I've been slightly electrocuted but it FEELS nice)!

Keep Busy

I find being bored means I head for the snacks. I tried to get out of the house for the first week or so.

Don't Over Do It

I eventually want to reduce my carbs but for this time, I decided to just start with desserts. I didn't worry about eating breads or pastas. I indulged in them a little more than I usually do but I didn't beat myself up about it.

Thats it! Those are my solid chocolate tips! My time is up tomorrow and I think I'll eat some Ketchup (did you know it has LOTS of sugar in it?) but I'll save the chocolate for Valentines Day. Hope someone finds these tips useful!


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