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Marriage Advice

A friend just got engaged and I’m so extremely happy for him. His girl is amazing and they suit each other to a T! I love engagements because I love weddings. Not sure why, they are filled with people, hard work, and people. I know I already said that but I’m not awesome in big groups.

My wedding was huge, I didn’t really know half the people there and it felt like it was for our parents. My dream wedding now would just be a few of my closest friends and more flowers than people. The favours would be the flowers and we would make the food.

Anyways, I wanted to write about marriage advice. It keeps sticking in my head. One of the most common piece of advice I got was “don’t go to bed angry.”

This has been one of the worst piece of advice I ever got. It’s resulted in many of hours of lost sleep and a lot of unnecessary heartache. think about this advice…. If you are going to be on a fight you are tired and what happens to your mood when you are tired? What happens to your thoughts when you are tired? You are grumpy and automatically go to the worst case scenario. Not good! It creates the perfect storm.

My new piece of advice was have logical calm discussions with your partner when you are well rested and more likely to have a clearer more logical mind. Also, my other piece of advice (I’m not going to write piece anymore because I hate spelling it) would be to give your person what you need. The “do unto others” thing works!

Enjoy the wisdom from this ol’ lady!


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