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Just Breath!

The Minimalists have a podcast where they speak to Dan Harris about meditation. A few months ago, I was listening to their book Essential and was particularly intrigued by this podcast. I'd never really thought of meditation before. I thought it was for really hard core health nuts and I certainly was not one of them.

I decided to give it a try. Dan Harris convinced me.

A little background to my breathing

I went to a physiotherapist for my hips after my son was born. She gave me a gift when she taught me to breath properly. It was very difficult at first but she showed me a few different ways to get the hang of it. Once she did, I think my life changed. I started breathing the way she showed me a few times a day. Then I noticed I started to do it more often. I then realized that I wanted to breath like that because it gave me energy. I brought this up to my physiotherapist and she smiled and nodded in a knowing way, and said that many people say that. She said that some people even heal their bodies with their breathing. I've stopped seeing my physiotherapist (my hips are better) but I still continue with my breathing exercises.

The breathing method she taught me was to fill my lungs with air from the bottom of my lungs, so they push my rib cage out to each side. I'm not going to teach anyone to breath here - I'm no expert, but if you are interested, I can try to find out where you can learn.


I already knew how to breath so I my first foray into meditation was incredible. It wasn't complicated, I didn't need anything new like mats or pillows or a meditation room. I sat on my couch with a pillow behind me, my back straight, sitting cross legged (my daughter says cris-cross applesauce). I put my phone on a timer for 5 minutes. Then I breathed, in and out, in and out. I made sure to exhale as long as I could to get everything out of my lungs. I closed my eyes. After those 5 minutes were up, I felt like I'd had a good night's sleep! I wasn't tired anymore. I felt energized and happy!

Since then, if I feel too tired to go on, I will find a meditation playlist on spotify, put my timer on for 5 mins and meditate. I even did this the other day with both my children playing around me (they are NOT quiet kids) and it still worked. It still made me feel better. I love that it's so uncomplicated and easy. It makes me feel much better and it will only take 5 minutes. If I'm stressed, I can take those 5 minutes and be much more productive afterwards.

I feel like meditation is helping me discover who I am just as much as getting rid of my stuff. Stopping to listen to my body is making me a more self aware person, a better mother, and wife (I hope).


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