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Is Your Bag Too Heavy?

Are you carrying too much stuff? Is your bag too full? Before you go look into your bag, I don't mean your actual bag, I mean the bag you carry in your mind that holds everything you own. I didn't realize how much the stuff I had in my house, I actually carried around with my in my mind until I got rid of most of it. About 3 years ago, my husband and I decided to become minimalists. We were so tired of spending so much of our lives on just "stuff." We hauled boxes and boxes of stuff out of our house in the next 2 years. We scoured through every single closet, room, cupboard, and drawer until we were left with only things we loved and needed.

It was then that I realized that everything you own you carry in a metaphorical bag. You haul it around with you everywhere you go. Your pile of papers call to you to be sorted, your unfinished project ask you to finish them, your decor wants to be dusted. This list goes on and on with each item we own until our bags are so heavy we have no energy to walk.

If you are thinking I'm crazy, I challenge you to go and clean out a drawer in your kitchen. Get rid of all the stuff you don't use, donate something you can do without, minimize it's content by 50% see how you feel. Now, imagine that, times your entire house!

WHY SIMPLIFY? You have less to carry around in your metaphorical bag.


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