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Fresh Mint Tea

My brother was here for a visit and my niece started feeling sick. Her tummy was upset. Her and I decided we'd spend the day together watching Bluey and practicing our Illustrator skills (she did the watching Bluey while I did the Illustrator skills, in case you couldn't figure that out). With an upset tummy I remember reading somewhere that mint was helpful for calming your stomach. I knew I had a huge patch of mint in my side yard. In fact, it's over taking anything else growing there. In case you didn't know, mint is invasive. You plant it in your garden and you will only have a mint garden in a few years. I went out and picked some fresh mint in the garden, washed it and poured hot water over it. The drink was delicious! I usually drink tea dried but fresh is the way to go. Since then, I've been having mint tea almost every evening! It's lovely.

The best part with my niece was we both had tea, we looked out the window and chatted. It's not something I get to do often with her as she lives in another city. They grow up so fast! I can't believe it!

Here is a picture of our fresh mint in my tea cup.



3-6 leaves of mint tea
Hot Water

Pick fresh mint from your garden.
Wash it.
Boil Water.
Put mint leaves in mug
Pour hot water over mint leaves (note: it tastes better when you pour the water over the leaves rather than add the leaves to the water. Not sure why, but it seems to release the flavours a bit better).
Let water cool enough to drink.
Sit and look out a window to enjoy your tea.


This Tea is perfect for an upset stomach or just to settle your stomach after a big meal. It's delicious with chocolate (one of my favourite pairing is chocolate and mint). It's lovely in the morning for a little pick me up as well. Note: mint tea does not have caffeine so it won't give you the same boost as black or green tea. That's actually what makes it a great drink before bed.

❤️ Tamara


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