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Excited for a Toilet Brush- Really!?

Have you ever seriously questioned your life based on a series of events? Like wondered how you got here? Well, in my case, so low? I ordered a toilet brush on Amazon the other day and when it came I got waaayyyy to excited. like wayyyy to excited. Then I paused and started to think. What was I doing? How did I get here? How did my life become so boring that the excitement of my day was a new toilet brush? What am I doing here? What Does this mean that a toilet brush has caused me such an existential crisis? Really!? a toilet brush.

(This isn’t my toilet brush, but how cool is it that this stock image has a toilet brush on the wall like mine?! also who takes these pictures? What do they think- oh! I think a picture of a toilet would be an awesome photo!? Is that what they think?!)

to be fair, it’s a pretty snazzy one (My toilet brush that is) Like super cool and it hangs on the wall so no more pushing it around with the vacuum cleaner (yes, I’m that lazy! No judging!). Anyways, please say I’m not the only one who questions their life when they get excited about toilet brushes!


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