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Decor between Christmas & Easter

I never know what to do with my house between Christmas and Easter. I easily get sick of Christmas decorations after Christmas and the red HAS to go. I don't really like bold colours in my home, I'm more of a neutral calm relaxing vibe kinda gal. Now I'm stuck with nothing in the most depressing time of winter! I suppose pine boughs are ok but I need some kind of pop that will get me through the dreary days of winter. I thought of valentines day but it's not such a big deal around here. I don't really like the holiday, it's way to commercial. and again more red! Maybe I can do some pinks and golds. That is actually a great idea! HAHA solved my problems! Thanks to my blog!

Let's create a time between Christmas and easter where you can lighten your dreary winter days with some pink and gold, or blue and gold! Those are great colours for cheering up but not too in your face! Let's call it the the festival of winter. We celebrate the dark days and hygge, candles, warm socks, books, fireplaces, pink, blue, and gold are the colours of the season! Now I need to go and find some pink and gold berries to go onto my pine boughs! Who's with me! Festival of Winter! Maybe I'll share my decor if I ever do and/or take a pic!

PS If you are reading this - know that part of this is I half ass things. Thats who I am and I am going to start embracing the girl who has all the ideas but never gets it done! Maybe there is someone out there who likes my ideas and uses them and then sends me their photos so at least I'll have that satisfaction!

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