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Damn Autocorrect

So I was just trying to type pushing and my un-coordinated fingers couldnt quite get the word right. I typed it like 5 times. Finally I got it and then auto correct changed pushing to pmishing - how is that even a friggin word!?

This tends to happen to me a lot! Like all of the time! It takes normal words and switches them to really weird ones. My favourite is decluttering. For awhile there my phone kept changing it to declittering. I don’t even know what that is, but it does sound painful! Yikes! “Today I’m declittering my closet!”

”ummm I didn’t know you had clitters in your closet? Do they take up much space? Do you have a lot of them? I have so many questions”

Anyways, comedy is not my strong suit! I’ll stick to my day job!


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