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5 Techniques to Listen to Your Body

One of the best tools I have ever come across in my adult life to thrive in this life, is to listen to my body. REALLY listen. When you learn to tune in, you will see that your body has been YELLING at you for your whole life you just didn't listen.

I will ask myself a question and immediately listen to my body to find the response. It doesn't always give me something right away, but it always does in the end. Your body responses could be ideas that pop into your head, cravings, desires to do something. When you start to listen to what it's saying, the messages get easier and easier to hear.

For years and years my body yelled messages to me via a horrific case of heartburn, through a black cloudy depression, through mind gripping anxiety attacks. These signs were all things that my body were trying to communicate to me that something was not right. Today, when I get these symptoms, I listen and ask - what are you trying to tell me.

Techniques to try to actually hear to what your body is telling you:

1. Meditation. This allows you to slow down and listen. It quiets your mind long enough to hear what your body is telling you. I've often stopped to mediate only to find that I had heartburn or a part of me was feeling off. It manifested as irritation or grumpiness. When I meditated I heard what my body was telling me. Then I could tune into that body part to find out what it needed.

2. Wrapping your whole body in love or just a small part of it. When I've had that experience where something was off or a part of me hurt, I'd wrap it in love. Especially if I couldn't hear what it was telling me. I'd ask, in my head, "what do you need" and nothing came back. This is when I'd imagine my love and care wrapping it in love. I'd nurture it. Thank it for talking to me. It may sound funny at first, but as soon as I do this, my body starts to talk to me.

3. Noticing rhythms or patterns in your body. Noticing patterns, like a headache is usually connected to a certain place or time. You may be tired. You might be hungry. Your body might be telling you that this place isn't for you. I've noticed I want chocolate after work. I realized I needed soothing after I was working. I was feeling frayed. This told me that I needed something to change about my job.

4. Noticing what your body does when something feels right. Just as recognizing what's going wrong. Recognizing and acknowledging when things are going right is just as important. You can check in and notice what's making your feel good. You get so much information about what makes you feel good. Do more of that!

5. Looking into what your emotions are telling you. Earlier I mentioned that I'd be grumpy or irritated. It often had to do with something going on in my body. I would find I'm tired, my head hurt, or I had heartburn. Sometimes it would tell me that I have to be alone for a bit. I needed to rest for a little while.

When I started learning to listen to my body, it's because of an amazing coach who taught me to love and listen with no judgements. She showed me how to do this. Being alone, quiet and tuning into your body can have a profound effect on your life.

What about you? What are your techniques for listening?

Want to know more? Shoot me off a message. I'd love to hear from you.


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