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Do you know how empowering it is when you stop being the victim and start being purposeful about your life? 

Be Your Own Super Hero

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Do you want to stop waiting around for a hero and save yourself?

Become the best you that you can be? 

The Life on Purpose Activity Book

0ver 50 pages of self love, goal setting, and trust your gut of fun activities you can do in 10 minutes or less

In this digital e-activity book you will work on: 

- self love

- emotional intelligence

- trusting your gut

- confidence

- goals

- creativity

- mental health

- gratitude 

-past trauma

- motivation

- self awareness

and MORE!

Early Bird Sale 30% off

until Halloween!

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Regular $19.99

Do you feel exhausted? 

Are you unmotivated? 

Do you not finish things? 

Do you go on social media and think "I wish I had/did that" ?

Do you feel like you are missing something? 

Are you lonely? 

Do you have a difficult time making decision? 

Do you make goals but never achieve them? 

Do you wish you were happy? 

Do you read the self help books but never do the work? 

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I've been there!

I've been ALL of those things and more. This book is a result of the work I did to start living a life that was full of meaning and purpose.  I was so exhausted I couldn't get through the day. I'd stick the TV on for the kids by dinner, just trying to hold on until dinner time. I'd look at other moms and feel like a failure- why couldn't I do what they were doing? I finally had enough and decided to work on myself. Now, I genuinely feel like I've become a different person. My old me wouldn't even recognize this happy, motivated, get things done kind of mom I've become. I've even made this book! My friends and family have even started commenting on how much happier and confident I am. If you want this too, start by taking this small step. You may feel overwhelmed with not enough time, the beauty of this book is you can do each activity in 10 minutes or less! 


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Who is this for? 

Women who: 

- are looking to up-level their lives

- are interested in personal growth 

- want to be more creative

- want to become more self aware

- are up for some fun activities 

- understand how to use e-activity books

- or can download a PDF and print it

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